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Austen is the Founder and Executive Director of The Culture Catalyst, a nonprofit organization exists to partner social innovators with development programs that get their passion projects to the people. Together, we build a collaborative network of Culture Catalysts who use their businesses and organizations to propel culture toward common good.  
While serving as Mrs. America Austen had the opportunity to work with dozens of nonprofit organizations and was passionate about connecting these organizations who did different work but served the same communities.  She had grand ideas of how these organizations could collaborate impacting more change and pushing forward the missions of all involved.  It was then that she learned that there are many nonprofits and businesses that are not collaboration minded. 
Austen believes that if people operate in the fullness of their purpose and choose to use their gifts to serve their communities, then they will naturally push culture forward then all people could move forward together.  The Culture Catalyst was born from this simple idea... that we can move forward. Together.  
By providing visionaries opportunities to develop their ideas and receive training, The Culture Catalyst is partnering with the next generation of change makers who will partner with people and change the world doing what they love.
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