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About Austen

About austen

The ORIGINAL Culture Catalyst

Austen Williams has been modeling, acting, singing and dancing for nearly 30 years and had completed more than 40 regional and national jobs by the time she graduated from high school. Clients include Southern Weddings, Abercrombie and Fitch, Ford Motor Cars, Sony, American Airlines, Pfizer, Toyota, Prevention Magazine, K-Swiss, MTV, Vibe Magazine and Best Body Magazine, to name a few. Some of her additional work includes multiple films, television shows, and over a dozen fitness videos. She also served regularly as Co-Host for talk show, INsight, which was aired in 18 million homes on the UPLIFT and Parable Networks. 


Austen won the title of Mrs. America 2014 and has since traveled across the US and abroad speaking on her platform, Shake the Shackles: Human Trafficking Awareness, engaging communities on ways to end modern day slavery.  During her reign, Austen was a Shared Hope International Ambassador of Hope, International Spokesperson and Committee Chair for The Jubilee Market, and has partnered with many more human trafficking organizations including the International Justice Mission, Traffick911, Safe House of Hope, Justice Speaks, The Samaritan Women, and Bridging Freedom, just to name a few.  As a result of her work in the area of human trafficking, Austen became a recipient of the prestigious Phoenix Award, the highest honor given by the City of Atlanta, as well as being named Humanitarian of the Year 2014 by Viva Internationale Magazine.    


In addition to her work as a Model, Entertainer, and Philanthropist, she has also been a Personal Development Instructor, a Stylist, a Modeling and Acting Coach, a Manager of a multi-million dollar fitness facility, a Business Owner, and an Inspirational Speaker to over 175,000 people. Austen has worked extensively as a Speaker with Eagle University, a youth leadership workshop, served on the Board of Directors for Project Nightlight, an abuse prevention organization, and was Director of the Girls Ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas— in addition to all this, she also completed her Bachelors Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 


In her current season, Austen can be found managing full-time responsibilities as a wife and mother, while serving as the Executive Director of The Culture Catalyst, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is developing a collaborative network of Culture Catalysts who use their businesses and organizations to propel culture toward common good.  In addition to its collaborative network, Tandem, The Culture Catalyst is also home to Project Free Style, a fair-trade fashion collection made using fabric that is hand stitched by freed survivors of human trafficking and manufactured in The Culture Catalyst's vocational training centers. Beyond this, Austen is Co-Founder of Unwrapped Ministries which hosts live events that help women unwrap life's challenges while helping them become their best and most authentic selves. 


She and her husband, Marcel, have four children, Mariana, Marc, Michal and Marlowe. 


Follow Austen on Twitter and Instagram: @austenwill

Truth For Free

Truth for Free

An Everyday Guide to Finding Truth In The Little Things...
Because the Truth Will Set You Free.
Crowning Glory Coaching

Crowning Glory Coaching

Life Coaching and Pageant Coaching

Want to know the secrets to walking out of interview feeling like a winner, every time?


Ever wonder trick to standing out on-stage?


How do you choose a wardrobe that is stunning and showcases your personality?


Mrs. America 2014, Austen Williams, knows the tricks of the trade and is ready to share. With nearly 30 years of experience modeling, acting, singing, and dancing, Austen's experience as a performer, titleholder, clothing stylist, and hair and make up artist make her a well rounded coach for all your pageant needs. Contact Austen today for a complimentary session.

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Austen's messages include:
- Self-Worth
- Overcoming Challenges
- Media Influence
- Keeping the Faith in the Entertainment Industry
- Human Trafficking Awareness
*Austen can also speak topically from Scripture.* 
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